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Release date: 26.02.2021

„wh0wh0 is able to single-handedly create insane passages rivaling the intensity of those usually being dropped by Autechre or Aphex Twin. And they are not your run-of-the-mill half-empty technical wizardry stunts – these you genuinely want to listen on repeat.”
Bartek Chaciński

„Those 40 minutes feel like a run-through of the current European electronic music scene, echoing Kompakt, Ninja Tune or Warp Records back catalogues. With one significant distinction: whereas many electronic music creators are over-relying on sophisticated production software or technological advancements, and the amount of equipment used doesn’t necessarily translate to desired quality – he creates his music live using drums. And that as if he had as many as four arms.
Jakub Knera

The record features 8 tracks, all being the result of meticulous exploration and experimentation that show off a wide spectrum of music, not only electronic. The tunes may remind you of creations of different artists – at one moment they sound euphoric like Hudson Mohawke or TNGHT, only to surprise you with calm repetitive passages a bit later, bringing to mind the works of Steve Reich. Influences range from footwork, trap, hip-hop, through techno, ambient and math rock, to electronic deconstruction and avant-garde. This album contains a broad range of structures – from abstract to almost song-like.

The fully-solo performance required a deep dive into each track – its sound, structure and composition. It resulted in their balanced proportions, tasteful sample and effect selection as well as mad electronic beats (or even lack thereof). Each track was played entirely on electro-acoustic drums. All the samples, harmonic and percussion sounds were assigned to different sections of the instrument. This allowed creating separate sequences depending on where the particular acoustic drum was hit – the center, edge or rim. At the same time, it required a completely unique style of playing.

For this reason, album production demanded an unusual and tailor-made technical method of recording. The sounds crafted by Jacek were later processed by Marcin Szulc (working under his Dalekie moniker) who gave them even more depth and sometimes a different, interesting direction. This led to a fully ‘DIY-approach’ to the whole process.

The entire album was recorded ‘garage style’ in wh0wh0’s rehearsing room, mixed and produced in Marcin’s home studio. The record cover and this booklet were printed in-house and consist of Jacek’s drawings. Moreover, the first 30 vinyl copies feature blank labels, which were doodled on by the musician himself!

Written and performed by Jacek Prościński
Recorded, mixed and produced by Marcin Szulc
Co-produced by Jacek Prościński
Additional production on tracks 4 and 7 by Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz
Additional mix by Wojtek Perczyński
Mastered at Gagarin Studio by Wojtek Perczyński
Cover design by Wojtek Słabuszewski
Drawings and doodles by Jacek Prościński
Inlay photos by Christina Melnyk
Text editing by Paweł Błaszkowski, Tomek Hoax
Translation by Jakub Czernieski
Silk-screen printing at tuBAZA by Mateusz Żywicki
Executive production by Tomek Hoax

© 2021 Coastline Northern Cuts


Available as limited and regular editions as well as a poster.