Coastline Northern Cuts is a record label established in 2018 by Tomek Hoax and Marcin Szulc. The main aspirations are continuous development and support of the independent music scene & artists. In addition to regular label activities our mission is to organize and produce cultural events as well as bookings, executive production, project management and support of Artists during the recording, mix and mastering process.

It is true that many people have suddenly lost their source of income. This applies not only to Artists, but also to Managers, crews, as well as Promoters and Agents.

Being close to the Artists, we understood one thing: the musicians will never stop creating music and composing. Just look how many streams or musicians playing on the balconies you have seen during the pandemic. And this is another proof that the most important thing in music are emotions that accompany us every day – we are convinced that many listeners think so too – that is why it triggers us to release records and be active even more because people need music, no matter what. We just have to keep going.

  • For us, Coastline Northern Cuts, releasing records is primarily about supporting the music we love.
  • We believe that the label’s role is to materialize an album as a coherent whole.
  • We want and strive to support creative processes and all operations related to record production.
  • Artists should be focused on creative work instead of looking for various solutions.
  • It is very difficult for us to accept the current situation that Artists have fewer and fewer opportunities to play live shows and earn money for living.
  • That’s why we want to release even more.
  • We want to put more energy into it.
  • Also we would like you to understand our intentions this way.
  • Temporarily all of us can’t connect with culture and art directly.
  • Therefore we want to compensate for the lack of physical aspect of interaction with music at least with a vinyl or CD. Go get them.