Project Description


Klawo’s origins date back to the second half of 2019, when Konstanty Kostka was asked to arrange his “Flądra EP” (Latarnia Rec.) for his upcoming gig organized by Coastline Northern Cuts – with a live band instead of his beloved sampler. After four months of research and first collective rehearsals it turned out that these arrangements and the energy of an emerging project gave “Flądra” a totally fresh groove. Spontaneity of jazz improvisation resulted in an appetite for further cooperation and making new stuff together.

In their own words: “Klawo is made up of good friends who spend their daily lives roaming the corridors of the Music Academy in Gdańsk… or hanging out on the beach”. To be precise, Klawo consists of:

  • Alicja Sobstyl – flute, vocal
  • Malina Midera – keys, synths
  • Karol Tchórz – trumpet
  • Tomasz Rafalski – drums
  • Artur Szalsza – bass
  • Konstanty Kostka – keys, synths


Wdzięczność (2021)

Oliwa (2021)