Project Description


Release date: 05.06.2020

On this record you can expect a departure from the Mazovian valleys all the way to tropical paradise as the band builds their visions of distant places and, in a way, anchors it into a plotline. The first track sets the tone of the whole story and, at the same time, is an homage to Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack to “Chinatown” by Roman Polański – a movie that tells the tale of a theft of drinking water in drought stricken California. Next, the album’s story unfolds into an out-of-this-world journey to a green and lush island where a kodama spirit serves as its guide. It’s a venture into an unknown land filled with mysterious grottos, waterfalls and a creek that, by becoming a vast delta, ends its journey in the oceanic embrace. It’s about listening to the desert sand carried by the parching sirocco wind, but it’s also about the admiration of all the countless mirages on the horizon, which eventually reveal to be The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. By playing their music, the band is trying to forget about all the evils and ultimately forges their own yin and yang.

Tropical Soldiers in Paradise on II:
Marcin Sojka – samplers, xylophone
Maciek Łepkowski – electric guitar
Bartek Krajewski – congas & percussion instruments
Kuba Łupiński – trumpet
Grzegorz Pałka – trombone
Emilia Gołos – piano, synths

Written and performed by Tropical Soldiers in Paradise
Recorded by Andrzej Giegiel | AgroRecording
Mixed and mastered by Wojtek Perczyński | Gagarin Studio
Executive production by Coastline Northern Cuts: Tomek Hoax & Marcin Szulc
Artwork & Cover photos by Wojtek Słabuszewski
Translation by Krzysztof Kliszcz
© 2020 Coastline Northern Cuts



Greenland LIVE (2020)

Chinatown (2020)

TSIP LIVE in Gdynia – full show (2020)