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Release date: 04.09.2020

Pin Park is a duo consisting of Maciek Baczyk and Maciek Polak who, on one hand, draw inspirations from genres like krautrock, ambient, IDM or minimalism but also very unorthodox and unusual architecture of their main instrument: EMS Synthi AKS (used by either of them). Their music is by no means focused on their hard-core, analogue synth rig but is more akin to a long trip across less obvious and sometimes forgotten borders of electronic music. “Krautpark”, Pin Park’s first LP was almost entirely improvised. While recording “Doppelganger” Maciek and Maciek instead focused on meticulous sculpting of the form they wanted to achieve and also expanded their EMS rig to include a few other analogue classics, as well as more modern, digital ones. The album is a significant nod to the electronic music of late 70s and the title itself is a reference to the character that exists in literature and symbolises a being that copies someone else’s moves. In a way Pin Park members feel that a said doppelganger has already recorded this music, perhaps a long time ago.

Autobahnkirche is a homage to German road churches and this journey would have not been possible without the fundamental beat sampled from track Triumf niewoli / Triumph of the unwill by Kurws (Oskar, Hubert, Jakub, Dawid – thanks!). The Standard is something akin to an imagined Winter Olympics anthem from the late 1970s. Mörkö is a lonely, murky, humming creature resembling a rock. Beware its icy gaze. City takes a short night-drive around the ring-roads of a metropolis. In Milky Medium, all vocal parts were delivered by Nina Bączyk in her sleep. Her subconscious utterances were recorded between 2013 – 2015, right when she was losing her milky teeth. Doppelganger, the double wanderer, is a warning of impending misfortune. Doppelganger is also a strong feeling that our twin has already preceded our moves and the recording of this album.

All songs were recorded between 2018 – 2019.

Instruments: 2 X EMS Synthi AKS, EMS VCS3 Mk1 w/ TKS, EMS Vocoder 1000, EMS 8 Octave Filter Bank, Roland System 100M, Korg Polysix, Yamaha DX7, Roland RE-201 Space Echo and Polyend Seq.

It’s a real treat to hear contemporary artists working exclusively with EMS instruments and creating such fine music. Every home needs a Synthi, and a copy of “Doppelganger”!

  • Robin Wood, owner of EMS Cornwall

I get the same feeling listening to Pin Park as I got the first time I heard Kraftwerk. Not that the two sound the same but they both have this unique tone/sound that draws you in as a listener, makes you wanna listen more and more. It’s the perfect mixture of an organic feel with an electronic heart. Just put on a pair of headphones and drift away.

  • Anders Fridén, In Flames

Those who may think that music made exclusively on Synthis is likely to be niche/experimental and lacking melody and structure are in for a surprise. Pin Park’s music is warm, comforting and utterly beguiling: it confidently references classic krautrock (without ever veering towards pastiche) and more contemporary electronica. 

  • Tony Miln, owner of SoundGAS

Written, performed and recorded by Pin Park: Maciek Bączyk and Maciek Polak
Executive production by Coastline Northern Cuts: Tomek Hoax and Marcin Szulc
Mixed by The Norman Conquest
Mastered at Calyx by Conor Dalton
Cover Design by Hanna Cieślak
© 2020 Coastline Northern Cuts