Project Description

Fragments of Fiction


Released: 21.12.2018

Dalekie’s “Fragments of Fiction” EP was the beginning of Coastline Northern Cuts. It begins where (his previous release) Futurama ended. Seven new compositions is a short, fast and intense journey through uncomfortable and dangerous regions.. hence attractive at the same time. Rough sound, powerful distorted bass, extensive reverbs and furiously increasing tempo – these are hallmarks of the release making it consistent and multidimensional. This is another step in shaping Dalekie’s own musical language. If you have any existing impressions about his music – they won’t be that obvious anymore.

“If I were to create a ranking of Polish artists this year, he would throw everyone down …”
(Zamilska, Polskie Radio Czwórka)

“This very intense music could become a soundtrack for a science fiction movie one day …”
(Jakub Knera, Nowe Goes From the Sea)

“I was delighted seeing him play before Clark – the new release is even more impressive …”
(Paweł Klimczak, Radio Luz Wrocław)

“Fragments of Fiction is a great proof that less is more…”
(Jarosław Kowal, Soundrive)

All tracks written & produced by Marcin Szulc
Mixed by Marcin Szulc & Grzegorz Kozakiewicz
Mastered by Marcin Bociński | Legato Mastering
Backing vocals on Ride It All Out by Anna Maria Czaja
Artwork & design by Anna Maria Czaja
Executive Producer: Tomek Hoax
©2018 Coastline Northern Cuts

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