LASY – x – Asia

This is Asia. Asia has a great greyhound, Dżezik. We met Asia when we released the album by Maciek and Jacek: LASY – SHROOM at the beginning of the year. Asia is the author of the cover photos. Asia has been recently diagnosed with sarcoma, which is a malignant tumor (cancer).

Asia is a close friend of LASY, so she’s our friend too! She has temporary health problems but everything will be fine. It will be even better, if everyone who reads this message, would buy SHROOM album (or 10 – great Christmas gift BTW). 100% of the income will be allocated to Asia to support her in this difficult, transitional period.

The process is very simple – we’d like to pass all distributors and commissions this time, so pls wire the money to our Coastline Northern Cuts account:

From Poland:
21 2530 0008 2027 1064 2375 0001

International Transfers:
ACCOUNT: PL21 2530 0008 2027 1064 2375 0001

One CD price is a minimum of PLN 30 (you can also wire 3000, we will take care of it). If someone does not need a physical copy, we also encourage you to donate via PayPal Donation Button below! We will send you a download code to the digital version of the album. 🙂


  • Pickup in the Tri-City area is free of charge.
  • If you require shipping to Poland, please add PLN 8.
  • For more than 3 records shipped to Poland, please add PLN 16.
  • International shipment PLN 26.

IMPORTANT: for the transfer title, please enter “ASIA x LASY 10 pieces” – please indicate the number of pieces, because we need to know if someone has bought 1x CD for PLN 300 or 10x CD for the same amount 🙂

After making the payment, send a short e-mail to: so we can contact you afterwards (if we are to deliver the CD by mail, please also include the shipping address in the e-mail).

In addition, you can also participate in the collection by Rak-n-roll foundation + read the full story of Asia here:

Thank you on behalf of Asia, Dżezik, Maciek, Jacek and yours truly.

Tomek & Marcin

Coastline Northern Cuts