Project Description

Atversailles I & II


Release date: 22.02.2022 / 20.04.2022

‘Atversailles I & II’ are the two new EPs of Tropical Soldiers in Paradise, both recorded during one hot afternoon at the heart of the Polish Warmia region. Seemingly slight changes within the band had a significant impact on its sound – the premiere tracks feature Tymek Brynal (Pokusa) on bass guitar for the first time, while Marcin Sojka not only provides the group’s signature MPC beats and xylophone lines, but this time adds the real drum set to the mix.

Tropical Soldiers in Paradise continue their dreamy and exotic trip once again – blending jazz, lounge music and hip-hop beats.

The song “Choppin” gained a lot of attention on Spotify – it got over 300.000 streams in the first two months.

Both EPs – Atversailles I & II – are available on a single 12” vinyl.

After a long and exhausting trip, the TSiP squad found the abandoned building in the middle of a dense forest. It looked like a deserted palace, reclaimed by the vegetation. The entry gate had been guarded by a black sheep which guided them inside. The first room turned out to be an old ballroom. In its corners there were plates, cups and pitchers tossed around. The tree was growing out of the floor’s centre, with strange fruits hanging from its branches. The next room was filled with destroyed pianos and other musical instruments scattered around. The bedrooms further down the hallway had their canopy beds covered in green moss along the wallpaper coming off the walls. Out in the courtyard, some pieces of stone statues – the dismembered arms and heads – were lying around in thick grass. The overgrown garden hid drained fountains filled with coins, once tossed into the water. Then the baths and pools – with lotus flowers growing everywhere. And then, the last chamber – a very capacious one – with its floor lined with rugs. Fancy pieces of furniture were piling up on these rugs creating tall tower-like structures, obscuring the panorama of the nearby surroundings, revealed only once climbed onto the top of them.

Tropical Soldiers in Paradise:
Marcin Sojka – MPC, drums, xylophone
Maciek Łepkowski – electric guitar
Tymek Bryndal – bass guitar
Emilia Gołos – keys, synths
Grzegorz Pałka – trombone
Kuba Łupiński – trumpet

Written & performed by Tropical Soldiers in Paradise
Recorded at Wersal by Tomek Hoax & Marcin Szulc 
Xylophone on Fette, Somn & Mebelki recorded at Cafe Ole Studio by Bruno Jasieński
Produced by Marcin Szulc
Mixed by Marcin Sojka & Marcin Szulc
Mastered at Legatomastering by Marcin Bociński
Artwork by Tymek Bryndal
Executive Production by Tomek Hoax

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Mebelki (Sur Le Tapis) (2022)

Choppin (2022)

Greenland LIVE (2020)

Chinatown (2020)

TSIP – premiere concert of II album (2020)